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Olivos Olive Oil Soaps are the natural artisan products made for bath and body to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Manufacturing high quality and healthy olive oil soaps require expertise as well as the use of high quality ingredients. Olive Oil Soaps are very exceptional products of which the olive oil used in production is a very special pure blend of Edremit Region. Olivos promotes a sustainable environment and high quality beauty and care by using hand-picked, natural and organic ingredients with beneficial results. We believe that all natural soaps should be beautiful, functional and elegant to use. All of our soaps have a natural caring and firming effect on the skin and soul. In terms of the unique blend of extra virgin olive oil and essences, our brand is unique in the market. Olivos are proud to offer you elaborately handcrafted soaps.

The benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil benefits for skin were well-known among ancient people. Extra virgin olive oil, all by itself, is one of the best beauty secrets.  Olive oil contains major antioxidants which work as cleanser, moisturizer, and protector of skin. These antioxidants have the natural ability to stimulate cells and take the skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier looking state. Olive oil repairs and renews the skin that exposed to sun, air pollution, and modern-day environmental hazards. Olive oil is a rich beauty powerhouse that helps you look younger and keeping your skin supple.

100% extra virgin olive oil

Pressing by using only 100% extra virgin olive oil in the soap manufacturing requires certain experience and special equipment. Using special blend of olive oil and natural ingredients, the  mixture is tested by our artisans and experts with international standards. After tests, soap is processed through atomizer, dried by 17-22% humidity and got ready to be processed as chips.

The process of manufacturing

Unlike cold process, with the use of hot process we harmonize all ingredients effectively to manufacture higher performing soaps with very well integrated and the highest quality ingredients. In our hot process method, the ingredients are exposed to heat and cooked through saponification process, the excess water is evaporated off and all the rest (olive oil, botanical herbs and essences) are totally harmonized in order to give effective and pleasurable bath. Soaps’ moisture balance is adjusted through the special processes of mellowing and drying which are prepared with a special formula. Soaps are made into chips. During the blending, herbal extracts are added to soap chips and then they are processed through the kneading and mashing. Then, the soaps are shaped in the presses specific to their weights, rearranged in the shelves, and they are waited one more day. Soaps, that receive approval, are then taken to the packaging process. Packaging is carried out by the experienced workers manually.

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