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Olive oil based craft products are the best thing for your skin!

OLIVOS are olive oil-based craft products. Manufactured with a high quality, they offer protection and skin care because all their ingredients are organic and quality. Carved with care and elegance, OLIVOS products are suitable for all skin types, enabling purity and vitality not only for the skin and hair, but also for the mind and soul. A unique and comprehensive brand, with a special line dedicated to the delicate skin of babies, OLIVOS comes for the first time in Albania to the well-known COIN center, after success in the 30 most developed countries in the world.

OLIVOS are produced in Edremit (Turkey) a country rich in first quality olives. Its use comes from antiquity to the present day, knowing the moisturizing properties for the skin and not only. Extra virgin olive oil is the only one that penetrates deep into the skin and removes impurities, unlike other products. The production of these soaps is done artificially.

If you enter the world OLlVOS you will be introduced to a wide range, from delicate soaps for the face, rich in vitamins and other ingredients such as avocado, tangerine, chia seeds, honey, donkey milk, goat, camel, buffalo and carbon quite effective for oily skin.

Unique sets with flower scents from the most special gardens of the world, which give you the feeling of luxury during your shower, products dedicated to babies, men or skins of different types, problematic or not, will already be an integral part of your routine .

OLIVOS has also thought about a spa in your home from anti-cellulite soaps, from powders that will soften your feet (for a pedicure in your home) to soaps that clean the skin from dead cells.

In the wide range of these products you can find solutions to problems you may have with your hair or scalp.

And if you are looking to make a unique gift OLIVOS always remains a beautiful idea for memories that last along with their fantastic fragrances. He comes to the aid of every one of your holidays, with personalized products, such as the holiday of love, wife, New Year and the birth of the child.

Make OLIVOS soaps part of your routine, whether female or male. For any other information visit or Instagram olivos_beauty_care.

And if you want to feel their intoxicating aroma, visit the COIN 1st floor up close.

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